Yoga is a science, art and philosophy of life, spiritual psycho-physical that integrates the three existential planes of the human being, mind, body and spirit among themselves, and the human being with the universe !!!
  • International Yoga Federation

    The world yoga community has about 400,000,000 practitioners, the democratic institution that represents it is the International Yoga Federation, to which are affiliated the international associations of different yoga specialties, the continental and national organizations of yoga.

  • International Yoga Registry

    The INTERNATIONAL YOGA REGISTRY is an democratic agreement established between international, continental and national yoga associations, with international, continental and national yoga alliances around the world.

  • International Yoga Certificate

    The International Certificate or Diploma of Yoga Teacher or Yoga Master, you can request it if you have a regional or national certificate. The procedure is very simple and we are here to help you !!!

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