Yoga is: a Psycho-Physical-Spiritual science, art and philosophy of life that integrates together the three planes of human existence with the Universe or the Supreme or God or the All, by the means of SAMADHI, a state of existential plentitude, happiness or bliss. The first technique taught in the Sutras was Viyoga or the ability to separate the spirit from the mind and the body. We are what we feel, because the spirit of ourselves or of all things, is what we feel in the determined moment, generating an affective state. Yoga teaches the development of human spiritual intelligence, understanding it as an affective, sentimental and anemic adaptation-capacity of the individual and his surroundings. This capacity to adapt spiritually allows the yogi to surmount feelings and situations that are unbearable to other people.

The yogi, like all people who practice yoga, learns to feel. He begins to understand and learn that he is not with he thinks or believes, nor what motivates him to act (physical changes of the body plus the things that surround him: actions). The yogi begins to understand that his spirit is what he feels. He begins to know that it is more important To Be than To Have. It is more important to be a doctor, actor or yoga teacher than to have the title of doctor, actor or yoga teacher. It is more important to be happy than to have a happy face. Happiness is not something you own, happiness is achieved when one is happy. Freedom is the power to be, because having is always a transient state. In order to be oneself, one needs to learn to be. And in order to learn to be, one needs to communicate with his inner self, with his feelings, passions, yearnings, affections and anemic states. Our affective world is our Spirit. We say that spiritual intelligence is the human being's capacity to adapt himself affectively, sentimentally and anemically with his surroundings. Yoga like any other science, allows him to work his affective intelligence (the capacity to understand and to adapt to the feelings and affections of others) and his emotional intelligence (the capacity to understand and adapt the emotions of his own self).

The final goal of Yoga is not to integrate the human being psycho-physically and spiritually, nor is the final goal of Yoga to integrate the individual socially and etho- ecologically. For 5.000 years the final goal of Yoga has been has been Samadhi, an experience of existential fullness that integrates us with God, the Universe and the All. This experience is only achieved with spiritual education and when we say "spiritual education" we are not referring to religious education or religiousness. Being spiritual does not mean being religious and being religious does not necessarily mean being spiritual. We are referring to the kind of spirit and spirituality that can be arrived at from art itself; few things are as spiritual as art. Art is the expression of the spirit. Art expresses our feelings. If we understand this vision we can understand how an asana or yoga pose can be spiritual simply because of the attitude one assumes in the pose (predisposition or an act
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